Golden Hour Playlist

In photography, golden hour is the short period of time right before a sunset or right after a sunrise when the sky exudes a pinky red, orange glow. Given that it’s summer time, I enjoy going for long walks on the beach during this hour. Given that I’m me, I enjoy going for these long walks with a pair of headphones. Below is a collection of (mainly) indie songs that reflect the soft and beautiful nature of the golden hour, perfect for listening to during a walk/drive around this time.

P.S. Yes I did aim to make this playlist exactly an hour long because it’s called the “golden hour playlist” – you’re welcome.

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Maddie is currently still transitioning out of her middle school emo phase. You can find her listening to indie rock, taking naps at Espresso Royale, or raving about her home state, Minnesota (RIP Prince). If Maddie won the lottery, she'd probably spend it all on Kanye’s clothing line in an attempt to appear more hip.

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