Groovologic? Funkologic? Treologic!

From their beginnings as a jazz organ trio, the Chicago-based band Treologic has evolved into an engaging and powerful force, a force that has swept Champaign-Urbana off its unexpecting feet.

For the past two years, Treologic has entertained audiences throughout CU. Favorite venues include the Canopy Club, Nargile and Cowboy Monkey, where they will be performing this coming Saturday night. This past September, the band completed a residency at the Canopy Club, said Lance Loiselle, organ/keys/vox for Treologic.

The six-member band combines their varied musical styles and backgrounds to deliver a “synergized, energetic performance,” said Anthony Massaro (guitar/vox). The Treologic live show, Loiselle said, is about “the synergy that happens between the MC and the audience.”

The sound of Treologic is akin to their performance philosophy: energetic, positive and multi-layered. The collection of musicians is unique and diverse and is reflected in their music. Their sound is inclusive and works to blend many different elements together. Their primary stylistic influence is hip-hop, but just under the surface swells undertones of jazz, gospel and rock. Loiselle remarked, “[Treologic] takes aspects of hip-hop from all around the country and melds them into one pot.”

“Everyone brings their own unique flavor to the table,” Massaro added. “With all of us, there is an ongoing musical conflict. We are walking the line; [we’re] too eclectic to be just hip-hop.”

And with a gospel drummer, a jazz pianist, a rock guitarist, mixed afrobeat and salsa influences, Treologic represents too many musical interests to be categorized in one group.

This highly collaborative environment has spawned great success for Treologic, and has invited fans of multiple genres to enjoy their craft. They have played a multitude of Midwestern music festivals, and in 2005 they won the prestigious Discmaker’s Independent World Series.

With an effortless combination of upbeat lyrics and sumptuous beats and a seamless fusion of styles, Treologic is a remarkable band to see and experience in the CU.

Be sure to go check out Treologic this weekend. They are playing two shows: Friday, Nov. 3 at the Courtyard at 9 p.m. (with Lynn O’Brien and the Dakota) and two sets on Saturday, Nov. 4 at Canopy beginning at 10 p.m.

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