Guilty Pleasures playlist

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, whether it be certain movies, foods, or songs. I happen to have a long list of guilty pleasure songs that is only growing. This playlist includes a lot of older songs that still get me pumped up and have me singing along, even though I might be judged for actively seeking them out. Though a lot of them may not be that musically complex, they’re bops nonetheless ranging from Shania Twain to Bruno Mars to One Direction. If I ever hear any of these songs on the radio (though most of them haven’t been played on the radio in a hot minute) you bet I would turn it up all the way.

About Carolina Garibay

Carolina, or Cari, is from the Northwest side of Chicago who enjoys all things British, especially music. Her favorite Beatle is John, but she also has a soft spot for Paul. If she's not at Espresso Royale making playlists, she's probably scoping out campus for the best gluten-free food.

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