Halloween Songs

Halloween is a holiday that is situated in between seasons and one that many enjoy. But it is a holiday that does not have any notable songs, for example, Christmas has songs like “Feliz Navidad”, “White Christmas”, and many others. Because of this, I curated a playlist titled “spoopy emo” for songs related to Halloween, so here are some of the tracks featured on the playlist. 

“Trick or Treat” – Ghost Town 

“Trick or Treat”, a track with a very fitting title for the holiday, is featured on the deluxe version of Ghost Town’s debut album Party in the Graveyard

“Black Cat” – Mayday Parade 

Though not actually about a black cat, this track is about a romance on set, seen through the eyes of a film director. 

“Bloody Mary” – New Years Day 

This track is said to be a diss track towards another vocalist, Mixi Demner of Stitched Up Heart. 

“Calling All the Monsters” – China Anne McClain 

An iconic track from Disney is practically the anthem of Halloween.

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