Hey Campers, Looky Here!

Between CU and Chicago, the Summer Camp Musical Festival has acquired what I like to call the Seven Wonders: a musical compilation of various indie-rock bands branching out of these two lovely areas. Just for you, we’ve made ultra-quickies with Santa and Zmick and a size-’em-up listing of the Chicago bands. Check. It. Out.


We fit into Summer Camp because . “we are children of the sun who were born to sing.”

We are super fabulous because . “we wear very expensive, very modern and very European clothing – not because we like how it looks and feels, but because we’re mocking the ocean.”


We fit in because . “we’re really familiar with the atmosphere and the enviroment. In fact, if it weren’t for Summer Camp 2003 (my first), I probably wouldn’t be creating the music that I am today. The festival is the biggest musical event of the year for us, and the Canopy Club and we’re all really looking forward to it.”

We are super fabulous because . “we live in a giant walk-in cooler. We are super cool because all of our fans are turned on (high).”

And don’t forget, Kilborn Alley is playing, too!

Now on for some tastes from Chicago .

56 Hope Road:Happy-times acoustic.

Chicago Afrobeat Project: Just-like-it’s-supposed-to-be Afrobeat.

Cornmeal:Giddy Bluegrass.

Backyard Tire Fire: (They’re actually from Bloomington, eh . ) stomp-your-boots rock.

Treologic:Bad-ass hip-hop jazz.

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