Hit The Glamtrak

Most performers sell CDs after their shows. Few sell pasties.
If you’re inclined to purchase the latter, be sure to check out the Glamtrak tour November 13th at Cowboy Monkey, featuring burlesque songstresses Mariel a la Mode and Uni & her Ukulele. For years I’ve been telling people that the key to music industry success lies in a simple formula: pasties + ukulele = awesomeness. Until this super duo of vixen rockers teamed up over the last year to tour, no one believed me.
Mariel and Uni (real name Heather Ellison) met at a show a few years back and became instant friends. Their similar interests ultimately lead to their current collaborative work and nationwide tour. Bordering on the bizarre, they keep their shows fun and unique and promise that “your face is gonna get rocked off!”
For more on the artists, check out their MySpace pages. I particularly enjoyed Uni & her Ukulele’s video for “Mahalo Maui Rose,” a celebration of the singer’s penchant for roller skates, spandex, and everything pink. Their upcoming show is guaranteed to be entertaining, so make sure to save the date.

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