Hitting New Notes in 2007

In the spirit of the holidays, buzz asked countless local bands to send in their New Year’s resolutions for 2007. Turns out, New Year’s resolutions aren’t too popular among the musical community. With that being said, only three bands (coincidentally, the best three bands ever to play Champaign-Urbana) sent in their resolutions. The following compilations are what the aforementioned gods of rock resolve to do differently in the new year. As for all you other local musicians out there, you might want to resolve to check your e-mail more often.


1. Lose 30 pounds collectively

2. Convince Larry Gates to join the band as a trombone soloist … only solos

3. Write more songs about George Bush’s lack of presidential ability

4. Write more songs about making love

5. Write more songs …

6. Record a new studio album beginning in June

7. Play 10 more states by August

8. Get Dave more cymbals and a third cowbell

9. Convince Mike Ingram and Seth Fein to book a Christian Rock Night!

the beauty shop

1. Employment

2. Drugs and alcohol

3. Call the cops on Nargile patrons

4. Stop overexpressing, overwhelming and flailing

5. Make Shipwreck completely tuneless somehow

6. Begin a career in music journalism

7. Take it one day at a time


1. Gradually replace all original members of Shipwreck with winners of televised talent searches for the next member of Shipwreck

2. Learn to hone our strange and terrifying new superpowers

3. Get that guy from Pimp My Ride to “pimp” our tour van (we want a fireplace in the back)

4. Use aforementioned superpowers for personal gain

5. Develop a guitar pedal that generates sound frequencies which induce sympathetic vibrations in textiles, allowing us to finally and literally rock the socks off of audience members

6. Kill the beast. Slit its throat. Spill its blood. (carried over from our 2006 resolutions)

7. Win the WPGU Local Music Award in the category of “Best Band with a Nautically Themed Name with Two Singers and a Russian Bassist and a Drummer Named Chris”

8. Earn money on the side while touring via bounty hunting

9. Release 27 EPs in two and a half months

10. Once again, get rid of “sexy”/Tell Justin Timberlake that should he ever try to bring it back again, we will have no choice but to smite him

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