“How did you get into music?” – A Playlist

Recently on our radio show Writer’s Block, I was talking to my cohost Brenden about where we got our music tastes and how we discover music. My primary source of music discovery growing up was my parents, who would constantly have 93 WXRT playing in my house. That late 2000s early 2010s period of alternative rock radio is the foundation of my music taste, and I wanted to go back and revisit that period of music discovery in my life. That’s the purpose of this playlist, and if you’re my age you’ll probably get some nostalgia out of it as well.

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Leo is a sophomore from Chicago who has had a passion for music his whole life. From jazz rap to pop punk, Leo dabbles in essentially all genres. When not listening to music or playing guitar, Leo can be found on a couch somewhere on his phone.

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