Intern of the Week: Erin Loos from Promotions

What’s your favorite part about working at WPGU?
Probably just being able to have so much fun while working. Pretty much being a goofball and acting crazy in public is a requirement of WPGU interns. We’re always out somewhere throwing shirts and other stuff at people, yelling through the megaphone at fellow pedestrians, harassing people to come to our events and playing unusual games!
What’s your favorite event that you’ve ever worked?
I would have to say the Guitar Hero contest at Brother’s. There are some crazy good Guitar Hero players out there and it was awesome to see them in action! I couldn’t believe how well some people played, not to mention the crowd was great, yelling and screaming through every battle.
What was the weirdest/most fun game you ever played at an event?
I think the weirdest game I’ve ever played was Mold a Mascot at Kam’s. For this game we gave each contestant a jar of play dough and they had three minutes to mold a new mascot for U of I. We thought this would be just another normal game until we saw the creations. One guy had actually molded the play dough into sperm and explained that U of I students are like sperm as we both have a common goal!
If you could work in any other department at WPGU, what would it be (Production, Music, On-Air, Engineering, Sales) and why?
I would love to work in the Sales department. I will hopefully be an Advertising major by spring 2009 and I think a position in Sales would give me the most relevant experience. I actually considered applying to Sales before I applied for WPGU. It seemed like a great opportunity to work with real clients and actually create and present your own ideas.
If you could come up with a name for a brand of maple syrup, what would it be?
Well since Canada makes a lot of it I guess Canada’s Best. What else does Canada do anyway?
Would you be in favor of re-naming WPGU by removing the “W” and adding an “NIT” to the end?
Only if I get to be 50. Holla at cha gurl!

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