International XS invades CU

The dancers of Dance 2XS International are coming together from all over North America for Urbanite ’08. The dance troupe that has dance teams all over the globe is taking the Canopy Club stage April 5 with their teams from Chicago, Michigan, Purdue, Mexico, Los Angeles and the University, right here in CU.
The Dance 2XS teams will be joined by several other dance teams, including ReDefinition and Nonstop from Chicago, Funkster from San Francisco and Attention from Taiwan.
According to dancer Maggie Easley, this year’s event requires the teams to tie their dances together with a theme.
“It will be pretty interesting to see how the groups incorporate aspects of their theme into the dances,” Easley said.
Dance 2XS started at UI in 1998 when the dance team proved themselves as one of the strongest groups, not only at the University but across the Midwest. After they branched off to form groups at other universities across the country, Dance 2XS went international in 2003. They now have dance teams in nine countries, including Australia, Brazil, Italy and the United Kingdom.
“We just love to share our love of dance,” said dancer Tanya Pardungkiattisak.
Twice a year, Urbanite takes to the stage and brings together a variety of dance teams to the CU area.
“I’m excited about seeing all of my friends from different teams,” said dancer Summer Appling. “There are some people that I only see twice a year at the Urbanites, so it’s great to finally get back together and catch up.”

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