An Interview With Young Jasper

4.26.18 – Before his concert on Thursday, Nikhil and I had the pleasure of sitting down with the wavy, up and coming Chicago rapper Young Jasper alongside Jasper’s DJ, Finesse Fest aka Fin. We had a great time talking to Jasper, a 18 year old already making major waves in the Chicago underground scene, about his style influences, upbringing, his goals, including his desire to work with Wiz Khalifa, and many other things. Jasper is managed by Mateo Durado, one of the few A&R for the underground powerhouse that is Alamo Records who also manages other big name acts like Comethazine and Cris Dinero, just to you give an idea of Jasper’s obvious potential. His style takes from the sound of today’s SoundCloud generation, but from listening to his music it is clear that he is developing his own unique sound complete with lyricism and a selective swagger that only Jasper carries. Watch or listen to the full interview below and don’t forget to check them both out in the links below!


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RESPECT. Interview: Finesse Fest