Janelle Monae & fun. Preview

Janelle Monáe said it herself, “It’ll be an experience that they will not forget. Not just me coming and playing songs… from top to bottom it’ll  be an experience that I believe you guys will never forget.”

This ground breaking singer, song writer and entrepreneur is heading to C-U with fun. as part of the fall Campus Consciousness Tour. She rocked the roof off The Canopy Club last year, opening for of Montreal during Pygmalion Music Festival and is expected to do the same at Foellinger Auditorium this Sunday, October 16th, presented by Star Course.

Her most recent album, The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III) follows the android Cindi Mayweather who is sent back in time to free the citizens of Metropolis from The Great Divide, who take away freedom and love. Monáe beautifully infuses soul, funk and rock n’ roll — with a powerful pop sensibility that will literally send you out of this world (Listen to Mike N’s interview with Janelle Monáe to hear more!).

You can also hear Monáe on fun.’s most recent single, “We Are Young”. The combination of Nate Ruess’ holy voice and the all-encompassed glory of talent that is Janelle Monáe, will surely be a stunning collaboration on stage, if they perform the song this weekend. fun. will also be doing a free acoustic performance somewhere on the U of I campus, Sunday afternoon… so be on the lookout and keep your ears perked up to get a little taste of the band before the big show.

Tickets are still available! Check out Star Course’s website for more information.

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