Jimmy Eat World comes to Assembly Hall

People like to dumb music down to words like pop-rock, alternative, indie rock and emo-rock and haphazardly throw artists into each genre. With a band like Jimmy Eat World who has released five albums, starting with Static Prevails and recently adding Chase This Light, these words are not hing new.
“We’ve always considered ourselves a rock band,” drummer Zach Lind said. “We don’t overthink too much about how the sound is growing or changing. It’s not really an evolution, it’s more of an unfolding.”
At some point or another, every fan has had a Jimmy Eat World album that seemed to understand what they were going through in life. For Lind, it’s the same.
“The feelings I have towards each album isn’t how good the songs are but how those songs defined us at the time,” he said. “Static was an adolescence. Clarity is where we started to come into our own as a band. From there on, it has just been a slight variation or mood swing.”
After playing at predominantly smaller venues on the East Coast, Lind is ready for the vastness of Assembly Hall.
“You can be in an arena, and the crowd can be really enthused, and you can be in a small venue, and the crowd can be just dead,” he explained. “At the end of the day, it depends on who the crowd is. That’s what gets us excited.”
With Clarity signaling the entrance of a new force in the world of rock, Bleed American solidifying it with hits like “The Middle” and “Sweetness,” and 2004’s Futures continuing their impressive streak of earnest yet reflective music, the recently released Chase This Light may or may not have the same reaction with fans. But Lind has only noticed a positive response to the newer material.
“People are pleased so far,” he said. “The crowds are a little bit more familiar each night, and that usually takes a while to do. There is a noticeable upswing for the new songs.”
Lind enjoys the appreciation fans show for Chase This Light and even let buzz in on a few of his current darlings.
“The new Rogue Wave record is great, and I actually just got this new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers DVD. It’s unreal. I’ve been watching it a lot,” he said. “Also the new Band of Horses album Cease to Begin is a recent favorite.”

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