Joe Pug feels right at home at the Canopy Club

On an unseasonably chilly and rainy April night, Joe Pug knows how to liven things up. Performing last night (Wednesday, April 27th) at the Canopy Club, right from the get-go, Joe Pug’s charismatic attitude and genuinely positive attitude heightened the audience’s excitement level in anticipation of a fantastic live musical experience.
Bursting onto stage, Joe Pug’s energy was forceful throughout his entire performance. After his first song, Joe Pug expressed how wonderful it was to be back in Champaign-Urbana and “WPGU Country.”
Playing all of the audience’s favorites, including “I Do My Father’s Drugs,” “Nation of Heat,” and “Speak Plainly Diana,” Joe Pug engaged the audience and encouraged singing, once even telling us that Champaign doesn’t mess around when it comes to hearing him perform.
With his heartfelt lyrics and voice, the emotions were tangible, as he would belt out one after the other of his masterly crafted songs. During lyrical breaks in the music, he would turn to his electric guitar player and upright bass player and smile, it was apparent that he loves what he does. Once during the show, he told us that all he had to offer us was his songs and that he hopes that was enough.
After his set, the audience demanded an encore, to which Joe Pug humbly asked the audience if it was ok that his opening act, Strands of Oaks, would be able to play a song before his encore.
Overall, Joe Pug’s genuineness and soulful crooning led to a fantastic performance. With the hopes of having a new album out by the wintertime, according to his interview with WPGU 107.1, us here in Champaign-Urbana can only hope to see him perform again soon.
As Joe Pug told the audience several times upon his closure last night, “See you next time, Champaign!”

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