Justice – Woman (Album Review)

French dynamic duo and electronic masterminds Justice has finally returned with their third full length album Woman. Leaving their fans with critically acclaimed Audio, Video, Disco, the hype for this new album started when their first single from the album “Safe and Sound” was released in July of this year. “Randy” was released a little later and with a music video to go with, it made the hype even more evident. With ten new tracks, Woman lets Justice fans know the wait is over. 

If anyone listen’s to justice they recognize their very distinct sound that makes them Justice: heavy electronic, but still some rock elements like heavy bass and guitar riffs. They don’t sway very far from this in Woman, but still leave room for new and innovative techniques. 

The duo has utilized vocals before, but seem to take on a different approach this time around with the song “Chorus.” It goes without saying we could’ve deducted that there is use of a chorus in this song, that being said, the vocals perfectly blend with prominent electronic sounds. Early released single “Randy” and “Stop” also have a main vocal line with a verses and a refrain, unlike many of their other songs. 

 Alterations with Justice’s electronic sounds also shine through on tracks like “Fire” where it seems like their playing with amplitude changes on some backtracks. “Heavy Metal” opens up with a baroque style harpsichord solo and this shows up on some other tracks, unifying them all. Justice never fails with their basslines, notably featured in “Stop.” 

While many of the songs mentioned are memorable each in their own way, there were some songs that were simply overlooked, making this album perhaps not be the release that everyone was waiting for. If you’re a die-hard Justice fan, you’ll be pleased with yet another overall successful return of the band. 


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