Kid Cudi at Assembly Hall

Touring on the success of his debut LP Man on the Moon: The End of The Day, Kid Cudi will be playing with Jay Electronic at Assembly Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 5.
Kid Cudi is arguably one of the hottest touring acts in hip-hop. His music is catchy, rhythmic and danceable, but what sets him apart from his peers is his thoughtful attention to lyrics and storytelling. While few rappers would write about insomnia, depression, guilt and nostalgia over the loss of a father, Cudi is able to rap about all these things in the same song (he’ll talk a lot about smoking pot, too).
Cudi’s rise to fame is just as interesting as his critically-acclaimed music. Born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, Cudi grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. At age 11, Cudi’s father died; this traumatic event has become a resounding theme in Cudi’s music. Like his mentor Kanye West, Cudi also dropped out of college; afterwards, he moved to New York in pursuit of a music career. After making a mixtape (A Kid Named Cudi) with streetware brand 10.Deep, Cudi managed to get an opportunity for which every musician hopes.
Allegedly, Cudi walked up to Kanye West and told him to listen to the mixtape, telling him, “If you like music, you’ll like this album.” While Cudi must have had confidence when he handed West his tape, I doubt he knew how popular he would soon become.
Besides music, Cudi is also active with acting and fashion. He is starring in the upcoming, Mark Wahlberg-produced HBO series How to Make it in America. He has also been named “Most Stylish New Yorker” by Time Out New York. Like West, Cudi is taking advantage of multiple media outlets to transcend the label “rapper” and become a pop culture icon.

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