Little Pieces comes a long way

A Seattle-based band with a big sound under the name of Little Pieces will be coming back for their second rendezvous with Champaign this Thursday, Sept. 25. With two of the three members being former U of I students (Grant Badger and Rob Lloyd), their return as an established Seattle band is an event much looked forward to by people who are looking for some good and FREE music (a.k.a. you), the more seasoned Champaign musicians who may have known these boys personally (from their U of I days with a band called Bantha) and the members of Little Pieces themselves, who are planning on bee-lining it to the good ol’ Dos Reales as soon as they get into town in their haze of nostalgia.
Little Pieces will be playing with locals Golden Quality at Cowboy Monkey, and the pairing couldn’t be better for this show. Little Pieces has influences all across the board with a focus on “people that are really interested in the art of songwriting,” said bassist Badger. With hints of Tom Petty, the music is structured and melodic but full of rock. buzz was fortunate enough to get a phone interview with Badger just before the band headed out on their tour, and in regards to the Cowboy Monkey show, Badger exclaimed, “Something crazy is bound to happen.”
Come Sept. 25, Little Pieces will be right in the middle of a Midwest tour, scheduled to take them through Montana, Minnesota and Illinois. While putting several miles on their minivan, they will be promoting their self-titled debut album that was just released this past June.
Golden Quality will bring a certain shine to Cowboy Monkey as well with a similar shimmer in harmonies and driving guitar riffs structured in just the way a good song should be. The band will be having its very first birthday at the end of this month, having been formed at the end of last September. For such a young band, they have been able to put together quite an impressive repertoire. Fortunately for listeners, Golden Quality spent two weeks in Boombox Studios in Urbana this past summer and recorded some songs, now available for streaming on their MySpace page.
This Thursday’s show at Cowboy Monkey Sept. 25 will be of the finest quality Seattle-Champaign rock with little effort on your part since it’s free. Take that would-be door money, and treat your ears to some Little Pieces lovin’ with their new album, or support the locals and check out what Golden Quality has to offer — show starts at 10:30 p.m.

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