LM5 Winners

Next Band to have a Downtown Champaign Street named after them:


Best Use of Leather:

World’s First Flying Machine

Band with the Oldest College Student in it:

Poster Children

Band that has the most revolving members in it thru the years:

Tractor Kings

Coolest Band Name:


Hardest Name to say or spell:


Most likely to get arrested speeding to a gig because they are running late:


Sharpest Dressed Band or individual:

The Brother Whys
Post Historic

Band you most want to see perform a capella:


Band to help you get through a break-up:


Band with the best chops:


Hairiest Band:

New Ruins

Band you wish you could bring back from the dead:

Honcho Overload

Band who gives the most eye contact to the crowd:


Most promiscuous drummer:

Kris Ahrens, Zmick

Loudest Band:

Terminus Victor

Best Stage Banter:

Popgun 5

Sweatiest Band:

Popgun 5

CU Local Music Fan of the Year:

Todd Hunter

Most stoned:

Underpaid Packy
Michael Coulter

Best dance moves:


Male Artist you’d like to be stranded on a desert island with:

Tom Riordan
Carl Hauck

Female Artist you’d like to be stranded on a desert island with:

Angie Heaton
Kate Hathaway

Next DJ most likely to date Lindsey Lohan:


“Horn”iest band:

The Tons O Fun Band

Most tragic band breakup of 2008:

Tall Tale
The Beauty Shop

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