Local Music to Check out online … and then in person

1.) “Sliding Glass Door” by elsinore.
You can check them out online and at the Canopy Club tomorrow (Friday, August 24). They’ve won multiple awards locally, including best Americana Band. They have that folk punch to their music and a taste of something sweet. They are just about my favorite local band.

2.)“Hi-Ya!” by Headlights.
They’ve been renegade for quite some time around here, but I am looking forward to their return. I would say they have one of the largest local followings, especially on campus. They’re really upbeat and well put together on their album. Depending on the venue, their sound can be “eh” live – yet still, like I said, they have a religious following.

3.)“Hi-Fi” by Shipwreck.
Another band that follows that alternative-rock-ish genre, Shipwreck has a good following and some cool ideas. For their albums, they decided to come out with four EPs that all follow a different theme. So far there is Walk in the Woods and House of Cards.

4.)“Is What Sweet You So?” by Santa.
I’ve seen these guys at shows for quite some time now, and, as of last year, their popularity has skyrocketed in comparison to the short run they had the year before. They are also playing on the same line-up as elsinore on Friday and will most likely produce a rather energetic set.

5.)“Suck My Kiss” by Beat Kitchen.
I wish all of you who are reading this right now had seen them at the past 16th Annual Great Cover Up. Oh my dear, they were superb in their Red Hot Chili Pepper’s costume, excellent in their energy and perfect in their sound. It would make any of you hop on to the computer and find out when they are playing again. Anyway, that is one more festival for you to look forward to in the spring. For now, check out these rhythm gods, they’ve got talent.

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