LPD Artist Highlight: Jookabox

Next up on the lineup for Laughing Prairie Dog Festival is the midwest’s own Jookabox. Straight out of Indianapolis, this band used to be called Grampall Jookabox. The mastermind behind it all, David “Moose” Adamson, started experimenting with mixing hip-hop tracks with his uncle when he was young, and superimposing his own rhymes over the mixes. Now on their third album, Jookabox has experimented with all kinds of genres and sounds. Their sound has developed into what has been described as “eclectic” and “avant garde.”

This band will be a great addition to the atmosphere of the second coming of the Laughing Prairie Dog Festival. Combining elements from folk, americana, noise, and hip-hop, Jookabox has such intense energy that even if it doesn’t seem harmonious or nice at first, you might find yourself buying an album at the end in a hyped-up daze. Check out their myspace at www.myspace.com/jookabox for a preview of what you’re in for, and decide for yourself whether to spend this set in the front row or outside smoking. I would recommend giving it a try, though.

Be sure to check out all the bands at WPGU’s Laughing Prairie Dog Festival on Saturday, May 8th! Here’s the lineup:

Joe Pug
Yourself and the Air
New Ruins

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