LPD Festival Artist: Common Loon

Two-piece bands like The White Stripes, Local H and The Black Keys pride themselves on their big sound. Common Loon is no exception. Hailing from right here in Champaign, Common Loon has been sharing their brand of deep melodic two-piece rock at local venues for the last two years. Having played Urbana-Champaigns very own Pygmalion Music Festival in both 2008 and 2009, Common Loon is a local festival favorite whose strong live performances have gained them a large student following despite their lack of an LP.
Buddies since Kindergarten, Robert Hirschfeld and Matt Campbell’s lifelong friendship translates to an obvious onstage chemistry. Regulars at the Empty Bottle in Chicago and various venues across the C-U, Common Loon has had time to hone their sound onstage for the upcoming February 2010 release of their first album, The Long Dream of Birds. While your waiting for The Long Dream of Birds, fans of Wolf Parade and The Doors should be sure to check out Common Loons 7″ from Parasol which is chock full of layered vocals and easy-going west coast melodies.
Rarely can a band build up such a following without an album, but with such great live performances Common Loon has managed to do just this. So make sure not to miss Common Loon on Friday at WPGU’s Laughing Prairie Dog Festival for what is sure to be a mesmerizing show. Check them out at www.myspace.com/commonloon.
Don’t forget to grab your tickets at Canopyclub.com or at Exile on Main and Family Pride for only $10!

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