Machine Gun Kelly – General Admission (Review)

Written by Jacob Sigmon

There is only one word to describe General Admission by Machine Gun Kelly: Painful. The lyrics, production value, and overall message is sloppy and very painful to listen to. In a musical landscape of diverse hip-hop artists with new and inspiring lyrics, Machine Gun Kelly struggles to have any identity of his own. General Admission is a prime example of why Machine Gun Kelly is not considered a headlining hip-hop artist. He just can’t measure up to the emerging quality of today’s hip-hop artists.

General Admission spends most of its time discussing the trials and tribulations of Machine Gun Kelly’s life. Although it is nice that he can open up about his struggles, Machine Gun Kelly seems to be very cliché with his lyrics. Instead of directly disowning the world of drugs and alcohol, his album presents a very clouded message about those aspects of life. In this respect, Machine Gun Kelly misses an opportunity for a real niche in the hip-hop market.

Reviewing General Admission was especially hard because I could not distinguish what the best song of the album was. All of the songs on this album seemed to just run together. Even if this album was not that cutting-edge lyrically, it could have had much higher production value. Instead, this album sounded like Machine Gun Kelly just regurgitating everything he has heard from other artists. All in all, this album is a total thumbs down from me.

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