Manson Proper

Mason Proper

There Is A Moth In Your Chest

Mang Chung

Mason Proper is ready for prime time. The OC, in particular. Like other musical selections for the indie-it soap, they sport elegant guitars and a lyrics sheet that doesn’t hesitate to look over its shoulder with self-conscious condescension (recommended if you like: Death Cab For Cutie). But instead of gazing at the glove-compartment, Mason Proper is looking over the dash.

Vocals are gorgeous, both the delicate and poignant male voice, sometimes consciously referencing oldies singer Tommy James, and the accompanying female voice. The guitars and occasional electronics have quite a kick, either on numerous chunky, punk-inspired riffs or arching up and around in a way that only the best or most bombastic bands can.

A Chance Encounter is a striking piece of heartbreak pop that sounds way good for somebody you’ve never heard of before. The arrangements throughout the album are good enough to be worth your while even if you didn’t speak the language. This record makes me think these guys would really rock out live, given the vocal emotional edge and potential for musical bravado. And to think I’d never even heard of them days before.

Mason Proper will appear Saturday, May 6 at the Red Herring (in the basement of the Channing-Murray Foundation) along with Bailey and others. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $3.

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