Matisyahu gets ‘spiritual’ at Foellinger Auditorium

Matisyahu brought about many different concert go-ers to Foellinger Auditorium, hasidic jews and rastafarian wannabes, which could only mean that Trevor Hall and Matisyahu were about to rock the house. When Trevor Hall took the stage people were out of their seats and had gathered at the front near the stage. Despite looking foolish with his dreads and bare feet, Trevor Hall got the crowd swayin’ and ready for Matisyahu.
Matisyahu, an American Hasidic Jewish reggae musician, came out with mic in hand and his boogie shoes on (Nikes to be exact). He opened with his most recent single “One Day”, and quite frankly killed it. While he relied a great deal on his band, his beat box was quite impressive. Trevor Hall had returned to the stage at this point to play a little guitar. He also left the audience with a rather ridiculous, somewhat laughable poem. Fortunately for the crowd, Matisyahu played for well over two hours. However, a good portion of those two hours was just his band jamming. One song, in particular, lasted more than twenty minutes. During his encore, Matisyahu did a slight stage dive twice and crowd surfed for a bit. Clearly, the crowd was enjoying this intimate, laid back atmosphere.

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