Matoma at Canopy Club (Preview)

Have you heard of Matoma? In just five months, this producer and DJ has gone from an unknown name to over 10,000,000 plays on his different remixes and song productions. It was his first song Notorious B.I.G ft. Ja Rule “Old Thing Back” that gained his popularity where it peaked in the number two spot in the Norwegian singles chart. Matoma’s most recent song “False Alarm” with Becky Hill just embodies his tropical house genre with smooth transitions and breezy undertones. His song, “Running Out,” climbed to No. 14 on the Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs where gained approval by the house music community. Currently on tour, Matoma is taking big strides in the tropical house genre and there is no knowing what he’ll do next.


Tomorrow, September 30, as part of the WPGU Concert Series at the Canopy Club, at 9pm Champaign-Urbana will see Matoma rock the stage.


Buy tickets here.



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