Mellow 60s/70s playlist

As finals draw closer, stress levels inevitably rise. Stacked deadlines, testing anxiety and borderline grades all contribute to a campus-wide, end-of-year tension. For sure, it’s a struggle to remain collected throughout it all. And a full night’s sleep? Best put that off until summer break–there’s that last presentation/project final/research paper/lab report to finish up first.

Not nerve-wracking at all, right?

You wish.

The playlist below is for those whose sanity is running as thin as their nerves. Take a moment to
relax with one of music’s most mellow eras: the 1960s and 1970s. If these two decades could
convert a generation of college kids to hippies, then the following playlist should more than relax
UIUC students during finals week. For those who love The Beatles and keeping sane:

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