Melodic Scribes

1. Name five bands or musicians that you would want at your show.
If it was in the crowd, then I would go with Polyphonic Spree and the Wu-Tang extended family, because that would be our biggest crowd ever right there. I’d like M83 as our backing band. I dig the funk/jazz hip-hop groups I’ve seen, but I think it’s time somebody stepped up and started rapping over something with noise. On stage I would also like someone of the John Mayer caliber, if only to get some girls in the audience. And finally, that great local band that I am friends with. I love you guys, and you truly rock.

2. Analog or Digital?
I still use my walkman-the analog iPod. Because we are too cheap to put any of our music on record, we are in the process of developing a live set run completely off instrumental dub records. I already started working on my dreads. This is going to change the world.

3. Where would rather play: Air force base cotillion or opening for a puppet show?
Well, you know, I support the troops and everything … but not as much as I support being elbow-deep inside of something warm and fuzzy. Plus we do a lot Raffi covers and whatnot, so the puppet crowd is more or less our target audience.

4. Why should anyone come to your show?
Because Ro Knew will be there, and he actually has potential. Antimatter is a super rapper. And I am the most eligible bachelor in all of Illinois.

5. Is Harsh (of Harsh Promo) the sexiest man on earth?
Harsh is a beautiful man and much more dependable than any girlfriend I’ve had. I always knew where he was … on my couch or in my fridge. And if he wasn’t there he would leave a note. Always.

The Scribes will appear with The Wylde Bunch, The Agenda, Krukid, and others at the “Mic Massacre” this Friday at The Canopy Club. The show also includes poetry sets from Harsh and Aliteration.

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