Midwest Spring Pt. 1

If you are unfamiliar with the weather that plagues the Midwest between March to May, then consider yourself lucky. It’s filled with unpredictable shifts; 30°F and snowing today, while tomorrow is 55°F and sunny. I long for stability during these months, but eventually give in to Mother Nature. To make this year’s transition easier, I thought it might be fun to put together two separate playlists for the two different extremes that a Midwest spring brings. Part 1 is full of my lingering “sad winter tunes”. Use it for when the weather suddenly turns back into an iced over landscape.

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Maddie is currently still transitioning out of her middle school emo phase. You can find her listening to indie rock, taking naps at Espresso Royale, or raving about her home state, Minnesota (RIP Prince). If Maddie won the lottery, she'd probably spend it all on Kanye’s clothing line in an attempt to appear more hip.

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