Mike ‘n Molly’s June 26

Now that you’ve heard the new Coldplay record fifty times (yes we know it’s good, too), it’s time for you to get out and make something of your summer. You may feel like you’ve spent too many CU summer nights at home watching movies or going to under populated parties – call it an educated guess. But hey, I don’t mean to be a downer.
So I am pleased to be the bearer of some happy clappy news. In the beer garden of Mike ‘n Molly’s on the evening of June 26, your disappointing summer will not seem so disappointing…for at least a couple hours. Local BFFs Elsinore will host an evening of outdoor music featuring other local dandies Tall Tale, Common Loon, and Dekalb’s Light Pollution, who seem to be getting around quite a bit this summer (hear some dashing diddies off their yet-to-be-released record at myspace.com/lightpollution – I recommend “The Spark”).
If for nothing else, please do yourself the service of seeing Elsinore in their home territory on a predictably beautiful night. If you are like many residents suffering from Elsinore anxiety syndrome you may find yourself lying awake at night unable to get “The General” out of your head. Others have reported temporary loss of bowel control in anticipation for the soon-to-be released The General EP. Seriously guys, when’s it coming!?
With a fresh release under their collective belt (only a month old! Awww) Tall Tale has brought a fresh new sound to the local scene. Offering their unique blend of piano-driven dynamic rock. You’d be a fool not to check out their Tango at myspace.com/talltaleband. What, like you’ve got something better to do? Be sure to show up early to catch Common Loon’s 60’s psychadelic rock featuring their characteristically swooning vocals. It’s almost as if Jack and Meg White split a pot brownie before a legendary jam session.
Come one. Come all.

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