1. Steve Lacy – Dark Red

Let me introduce you to Steve Lacy, 19-year-old soulful, sweet-as-honey producer hailing from Cali hip-hop band, The Internet.  Lacy’s first EP, Steve Lacy’s Demo, was released earlier this year and was all produced by the man himself, his iPhone and GarageBand. The 13-minute demo is enough to have you swooning and yearning for more but for now, keeping it on repeat should suffice. “Dark Red” mixes funk and soul and leaves my nose runnin’ with sweet-talking vocals and smooth falsettos.


  1. Emapea – Jazzy

I heard Emapea’s Seeds, Roots & Fruits record at coffee shop in Chicago one a cloudy summer day; the stars aligned as I rediscovered my love for lofi hip-hop tracks. The title speaks for itself;  piano, subtle drums and chill bass. Listen while reading.


  1. Ariel Pink – Baby

This song feels like cotton candy, psych soul for your soul; Ariel Pink is always a nice night ride listen or 3am walk to nowhere with nothing but good company. However you fancy this track, we can’t deny that Ariel Pink’s style is undeniably pink and anything associated with that color.


  1. The Strokes – Call It Fate, Call It Karma

The keys give off a Ray Manzarek-type vibe, and so the ear is automatically hooked. Also, it’s a good song to fall asleep to.


  1. HOMESHAKE – Making a Fool of You

Twang twang twang. That is all.


  1. Nas, Amy Winehouse – Cherry Wine

In honor of the late Amy Winehouse and Mr. Nasir Jones; who shared a birthday last week, “Cherry Wine” was released after Amy passed and appeared on Nas’ Life is Good.


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