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This is it everyone; I’m making the sappiest, eating ice cream from the carton, hour-long shower, tear-jerking playlist. Sometimes you just need to sit in bed and let it all out, and what’s a crying session without some heart wrenching songs! And if you’re like me, and only cry once a year when you have your annual viewing of A Walk to Remember, even you won’t stand a chance against this handful of songs I viciously put together.

1. Neutral Milk Hotel – “Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2”

Neutral Milk Hotel has been a catalyst for the indie movement since the beginning of time it seems. They’re a phenomenal band with amazing work, but this song has always stood out to me for some reason. Jeff Mangum’s voice is emotional as it sounds like it’s exposing something raw. The band is known for their obscure lyrics, so I’m not really sure if this song is meant to be melancholic but the ending lyrics have always made me emotional: “But don’t hate her/ When she gets up to leave.”

2. Wet – “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”

This song is distant and daydreamy, especially because of the high pitched and lofty voice of the lead singer. There’s an ambiance that’s a little industrial sounding and a dainty harmony that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a huge room. The galactic sound will make you feel kind of small, but in the sense that everything will end up alright.

3. Vampire Weekend – “Hannah Hunt”

If I had a dollar for every time I listened to this song… I would have $298, and that’s just my iTunes. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of synth or a guitar, but there’s something in this song that reminds me of whales and really just openness and vulnerability in general. And it all builds up to an epic piano solo that really releases the floodgates, so listeners and criers beware.

4. Bright Eyes – “Lua”

Ahh, this song brings me back to the high school angst and drama. However, all the baggage never ruined it; the song seems much greater than that. Bright Eyes is a good go to band for anything slow and sad, Connor Oberst’s voice sounds like he’s already been crying. The lyrics are pretty straight-forward and dismal, it’s sort of a demented love story. I suggest listening to it when you can really hear what’s going on.

5. Tanita Takaram – “Valentine Heart”

I heard a girl performing an acoustic version of this song in a documentary and I cried just listening to that so you know this one’s rough. This list wouldn’t be complete without an “I miss you” song. Tanita’s voice is rough and longing, especially in the lyrics “It’s so simple and plain/ I’ll go back and see you again.”

6. CocoRosie – “Beautiful Boyz”

More so than sad, this song is more of a tragic story. Bianca and Sierra, who make up CocoRosie, have such unique and rare voices that they really don’t need a lot of instrumental frill in their songs, which is why I’m such a fan of this one, with a simple beat and piano accompaniment. This is another song that’s rather cinematic and the lyrics tell a story.

7. Daniel Rossen – “Deep Blue Sea”

I have always favored Daniel Rossen’s voice to other Grizzly Bear member Ed Droste. Especially in this song, the softness of his voice is accentuated, where it sounds delicate and breakable. The song sounds like a whisper and will calm any emotions that might be churning inside.

8. Tigers Jaw – “Spirit Desire (Acoustic Version)”

In comparison to its hard rock original, this version is soft and very sweet. You get to hear the lyrics better and hear authentic emotion, mainly because the lead singer’s voice cracks and is off tune sometimes. The song’s angsty and obsessive, and is borderline redundant, but there’s something about it that makes you want to listen over and over.

9. Beatles – “Blackbird”

I always cringe when I remember the fact that Paul and John Lennon allegedly wrote this song in roughly two hours. It’s such a timeless piece that mostly speaks for itself in simplicity and really, beauty.

10. Hundred Waters – “Show Me Love”

To end this playlist I’m choosing this song, simply because you’ll probably get worn out listening to all these songs. Hundred Waters has a lead singer whose voice is celestial and it’s really all this track needs. It’s a hopeful song that’s short, and I want to say I wish it was longer, but I feel that would take away from the charm.

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