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Written by Julia Antonson

After 20 long years of being an Illinoisan it is weird to say that I now join the long list of students that have to commute by plane to school. It will feel weird that I won’t be taking the Suburban Express back to the suburbs for Thanksgiving break, and that I can’t come home for the weekend, but hey, you have to leave sometime. Without further ado, this is my tribute to all the memories I made in Illinois.

Sorry guys but it’s about to get personal.

1. Sufjan Stevens- “Chicago”
Okay sorry guys this might be a cop out but this might be the anthem for Chicago (along with “Chelsea Dagger”). Chicago is hands down one of my favorite places to go and I can’t imagine not being able to take the Metra up there anymore. From going to the North Street Beach, visiting the Field Museum, and looking over the city at the Willis (SEARS) Tower. I’ll be back Chicago, don’t you worry.

2. Alabama Shakes- “Rise to the Sun”
Alabama Shakes’s album Boys & Girls was given to me as a graduation gift. I have to say I was a little hesitant at first but let me tell you, the soulful voice of Brittany Howard is slightly addicting. The lyrics are so passionate and relevant that it easy to relate to this album.

3. Bombay Bicycle Club- “Always Like This”
I don’t know how or where I heard this song, but now I cannot imagine not listening to Bombay Bicycle Club on a daily basis. Currently, I am a faithful owner of all the songs they have produced and even missed an exam to go see their concert in Chicago (just call me a super fan). It made all those angsty high school years and long drives even better. So I tip my hypothetical hat off to you Bombay Bicycle Club and patiently wait for your next album to come out.

4. Tame Impala- “Elephant”
I must admit it is because of this song that I am infatuated with Tame Impala. Before I go on I must also give a faithful shout out to SoundHound for catching this song at the last moment on the radio. When I heard the psychedelic sound of Tame Impala I was instantly hooked and it made those nights at the drive in theater that much better.

5. Portugal. The Man- “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”
The first time I ever went to the House of Blues for a concert was when I went to see Portugal. The Man and let me tell you, I regret not going there sooner. Not only was/is the venue awesome but show was so personal and close. I went into the venue with no opinion of the band whatsoever and boy was I greatly surprised.

6. New Beat Fund- “Peachez”
I have only had one experience at Warped Tour and all I can say is that it was intimidating and very hot. However, it’s also the place where I heard New Beat Fund so I call it a win. These guys had such great stage presence and a cool Cali vibe to them that made the trip down to Tinley Park worth it. Definitely a good listen if you like weird funky music.

7. The Temper Trap- “Sweet Disposition”
We all have songs that we listened to on those late night car rides with friends and this one was mine. It made the endless rows of corn a little more bearable during trips to campgrounds and hiking trails and driving to get ice cream at Andy’s Custard late at night. To all the countless hours in the car that lead to all the worthwhile memories: cheers.

8. Smashing Pumpkins- “1979”
Now I know that this is a very well-played song but hear me out. One of my favorite memories that I have from my hometown is listening this song when I was younger and my mom was just boppin’ around the house. She would always play music wherever we went and this was one of her favorites. Although it seems like simple and silly to remember the music my mom played around the house, it’s something I’ll look forward to when I fly to Maine.

Thanks for the memories Illinois.

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