Monday Mixer

1. Geographer – “Kites”

The lyrics to “Kites” are so raw in the beginning that you just have to hear for yourself. It’s probably one of my top favorites on this Monday Mixer and if you only listened to one song on this playlist, it has to be this one. The electro-meets-indie pop styling of Geographer mixed with Mike Deni’s voice is so wholesome.

2. Bibio – “À tout à l’heure”

I will be so brash and say that there hasn’t been one song by Bibio that I did not like. At first I was a little obsessed with “lovers’ carvings,” but now I can’t get over the intro to “À tout à l’heure.” It makes me feel like I am in Paris, which I wonder is the purpose of the song with a title that translates in English as see you “in a bit.”

3. WALLA – “101”

Speaking of another song that has a good intro, the bass resonating throughout “101” brings this instant funky vibe to the song. Not really sure why the song is titled that way but hey, its pretty darn good with its bongo drums.

4. Capybara – “Late Night Bikes”

I feel no shame thanking trusty Spotify radio for discovering Capybara. To me, when I first heard “Late Night Bikes” I thought of Lord Huron. When I was in the exam slump, this song was definitely my guiding light during those late nights.

5. The Alchemist – “Arrival”

Let me tell you, I usually get sick of listening to a song over and over again but this is not the case with “Arrival.” It has the classic guitar while styling it in a modern way. Besides, the album cover is a guy bowing down to an avocado: that’s when you know it’s a good song.

6. Toro y Moi – “New Beat”

I don’t know if there is an ongoing theme in this Monday Mixer but I just had to include this one because it does bring the funk. I can just imagine Napoleon Dynamite doing his solo dance to this song in his space shoes and everything. Don’t be afraid to bring out those disco shoes and do a few hip thrusts.

7. Bombay Bicycle Club – “Home by Now”

I’m sorry guys, I just had to! I’ve been a little (or a lot) obsessed with Bombay since hearing them sophomore year in high school. This one is for all those people out of state feeling homesick and who can’t wait for Thanksgiving to see family… and eat too much food.

8. BORNS – “Past Lives”

BORNS has been killing it with his 2015 album Dopamine. Songs like “Electric Love” and “10,000 Emerald Pools” are ones that I personally have on repeat. “Past Lives” is one of my favorites because you really get to hear Garrett Borns’ voice.

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