Monday Mixer

1. Vampire Weekend – “Campus”

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Vampire Weekend, and reconciling with this song takes me back to a sixth grade me and the beginning of my musical endeavors. Very indie and childlike, this song is a feel-good to take along with you to class, or even just dance to in the shower while hitting every piece of the impeccable drum break.

2. Cage the Elephant – “Telescope”

Any song on Melophobia is a great song, but the bubbliness in this one along with its message takes you on an intuitive cruise inside of yourself. With a mellow base, the progression is able to reach out and harden itself, symbolically coordinated in the way the lyrics are storytelling, yet also addressed to oneself. Time is precious, don’t waste it.

3. Animal Collective – “Bluish”

As trippy as its cover art, Animal Collective deserves more recognition as a psych pop group. When I first listened to this song, I felt myself being consumed by its opening and sucked into an indigo blob. Instrumentally, the sounds seem to be background jitter, where the feeling is set and consumed by contact. The lyrics are baby love poetic, innocent and simple making a comfortable combination between sounds and words as a whole.

4. STRFKR – “Fortune’s Fool”

STRFKR is a great band name if I do say so myself, and also just nice for a gray afternoon listen. With only four lines in total, it’s all you really need with a ballad like this one. The vocals are a bit dreary, matching the first fifteen seconds that then take you on a foot tapping ride to nowhere.

5. The Black Keys – “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Sorry, but yes I’m getting sappy. I mean, how can you not with the voice on this one and twinkly feel? Plus, the incorporation of the horns adds a little more soul into it. With a nice oldie groove, it’s an enjoyable listen with or without the sappiness.

6. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “So Good at Being in Trouble”

This is the beautiful combination of some funk and R&B, a wonderful blend that confuses every muscle of my body trying to ride along with it. Nothing beats a groovy base and soulful outro. I don’t know whether to jive or just glide to this one, but regardless the feel is there for you. The lyrics illustrate a conflicting situation but the instruments say otherwise; you get to choose your side.

7. Foxygen – “No Destruction”

Foxygen is always a smooth ease into any sort of day, and on this single the organ and harmonica intertwine naturally, creating an effortless tune that speaks of grandmas and aliens. Overall, it illustrates all the hectic things in our world in the most sincere way.

8. The War on Drugs – “Under the Pressure”

At first listen without knowing that this song is by The War on Drugs, I would automatically assume that it’s straight out of the 80s. The drum beat, keys, and guitar riffs are all very familiar with the common basis of 80s music, but are then set apart with a wavy ending that disintegrates into the sound of one note.

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