Monday Mixer

I’m super excited for Summercamp Music Festival after the 2nd round of artists was released on Thursday, so I dedicate my playlist to the lineup so far. I hand-picked a few of the acts I am looking forward to the most.

1. Umphrey’s McGee – “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”
I recently found this song and immediately I liked it. This song is so different from what I am used to hearing from Umphrey’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love their hardcore jam music but I really enjoy the steady, calming vibe from this song. The men in this band know what they’re doing when it comes to playing instruments.

2. The Roots – “The Seed (2.0)”
I am definitely most excited to see and hear the Grammy winning band, The Roots, perform. Most people probably know them as the live band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon but they are more than that. I love their jazzy, hip-hop style. The Roots use a wide array of instruments from kazoo to horn to create such funky songs like this one. It is evident that there is so much soul in The Roots music.

3. Lotus – “The Surf”
This has been one of my many favorite songs for a while now. Lotus is another great, diverse jam band. Their music blends rock, electronica, jazz, jam, hip-hop, and funk. This song is super chill. The simplicity of the lyrics mixed with the wordless chords is beautiful. The song makes me think of a pretty summer day, regardless of the frigid February weather.

4. Thievery Corporation – “Lebanese Blonde”
Thievery Corporation is a down-tempo duo of two men. A good way to describe their music is acid jazz. It’s that chill-out music you would hear sitting in a lounge or in a dimly-lit hotel bar. Pam Bricker is on vocals in this song, singing about smoking Lebanese hash. The song was featured on the soundtrack Garden State.

5. Emancipator – “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires”
This is such a beautiful song. The soft lyrics and repetitive beat are easy to catch on to. Emancipator is a producer based in Portland, Oregon named Douglas Appling. His aesthetic seems to be taking music and mixing it in with nature or vice versa. His songs, albums, and album artwork consist of lush green lands from dusk to dawn, season to season, reminiscent of Oregon.

6. Greensky Bluegrass – “No Idea”
Simple yet creative name, right? Greensky Bluegrass is a five-piece bluegrass band. I do not listen to much bluegrass but this song really gets me into it. This song is like a reflection of life saying, “We bury away what we fear with ambition, we discover what we fear with ambition.” Their music makes me want to take a long road trip through the south.

7. Anna Lunoe – “I Met You”
Anna Lunoe does not have many songs, and most are features with DJs. Because this song was produced by Flume, her popularity shot up. Her voice is soft and the beat is catchy. This song is super dreamy.

8. Fishbone – “Ma and Pa”
I have yet to see a Ska band perform in my life, and I am looking forward to dancing around to this. The band claims to be a fusion of ska, punk rock, funk, hard rock, and soul. They formed in 1979 and are still going strong. Fishbone was able to make a song about divorce likeable, and that is a real accomplishment.

9. Michal Menert – “Feeling Better”
This song is like a Disney movie on drugs. It creates a nostalgic dream world where electro soul blasts out a phonograph. Michal Menert categorizes his music as space jazz. For Summercamp, Michal Menert is performing with the Pretty Fantastics, forming Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics. Bass guitar and trombone mixed with DJ equipment will be interesting to hear.

10. Slow Magic – “Feel Flows”
Slow Magic is that guy hidden behind a cereal box mask decorated to look like a glow-in-the-dark zebra. He is known for taking his drum out into the crowd and playing during his performance. This song sounds exactly like the title. Similar to Odesza, he creates pretty electronic dream-pop music.

11. Mudcrutch – “Shady Grove”
The most famous of them all. If you didn’t know, Mudcrutch is Tom Petty’s project after Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The band formed in 2008 and creates Southern, country rock. This song calls for a jig while drinking a jug of moonshine. It is monumental that Tom Petty is playing in the small town of Chillicothe, IL.

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