Monday Mixer

1. Europe – “The Final Countdown”

This one is for everyone, myself included, who thought that summer was here finally and was let down when they saw their Suburban Express roll into the parking lot. It’s almost here, don’t lose hope.

2. Twenty One Pilots – “Ride”

This is probably one of my favorite songs off the album because of the lyrics and the falsetto work of lead singer Tyler Joseph. It’s one of those thinking about life songs, perfect for when you’re deeply thinking about your post-grad life.

3. The Tins – “Please Be Kind”

Just a groovy tune with awesome guitar work by Adam Putzer.

4. The Shins – “Australia”

I love the peppy rock vibes that The Shins have going on in this song. Even though the lyrics can be quite cryptic, you can always interpret them differently each time you listen to it.

5. Bombay Bicycle Club – “Overdone”

Sorry guys, but it’s a tradition to put a Bombay song in my playlist. If you like the song, imagine them live… because they are amazing! Join the bandwagon please!

6. Peter Bjorn and John- “Young Folks”

Over spring break, I went to a trivia night and this was one of the songs. Although we wrongfully lost that night, it did spark my love for this song.

7. Santigold – “Can’t Get Enough of Myself”

Santigold came out with a new album in February and if you haven’t heard it yet, here’s a little taste of it. It’s good guys, I promise.

8. Miike Snow – “Genghis Khan”

Thank you trusty radio stations for making car rides that much better. I’m pretty impressed by Miike Snow’s new album. Two thumbs up.

9. Kanye West – “Famous”

New album, new Kanye? He just released this song to Spotify this morning so we’ll see how the rest of the album comes out.

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