Monday Mixer

Originally, this was supposed to be my long anticipated “songs with great basslines” playlist, but life happened and I came across other tunes I had to share. Alas, I present to you my new and improved “songs with great baselines and sweet strings” playlist. The title speaks for itself, and I hope you catch a groove too.


1. “One Of These Nights” – The Eagles

The very first second of this song is undeniably A1. Call me 40 but The Eagles will forever have place in my heart, most especially with a song like this. Great oohs and great bridges, I’ll take a listen every night all night.


2. “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Majestically funky, this song gets scientific with references to the holographic principle, gettin weird with physics and the universe. Nonetheless, a cute tie in with a strayed phone call and the complexity of love. Life.


3. “Warned You” – Good Morning

Short and simple, this feels like what a gray sky looks like. Looks can kill you on the inside, when a certain pair of eyes makes your insides fry. This song is making me rhyme. Okay bye.


4. “So Sad, So Sad” – Varsity

Cotton candy and pink bubble gum is what this song makes me think of. The riff is lightly brushed atop a steady drum beat. If music were food I feel like this would be a nicely put together plate.


5.“See You Leave” – RJD2, STS, Khari Mateen

Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” brought me to this soulful piece of work. Rap on top of old school guitar riffs ignite a nicely dimmed light to any ear, figuratively. Though, all while enjoying this I couldn’t help but think about that episode of the Office when Michael Scott says and I quote, “Hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go … ‘cause of your butt.” Anyway, check out some of RJD2 and STS duo work for some more soul.


6. “Prototype” – Outkast

We all know Ms. Jackson but the twang on this makes me forget anything else by them exists. Add on the sweet guitar solo mid-way and end up feeling pure lust.


7. “Merry Go Round” – The Equatics

I’d like to give a special shout out to Aziz Ansari and “Master of None” for introducing me to the Equatics and this song. It was on Episode Three when I heard this little piece of sweetness and fell for the first strum as soon as it hit my ears. Soul for days.


8. “City Club” – The Growlers

The Growlers are ready to release their eighth album, City Club, on September 30th. Produced by the one and only Julian Casablancas under his label, Cult Records, you can already hear the change when garage rock discovers the synthesizer. These are exciting times of exploration and anticipation for what seems to be The Growlers’ cleanest album yet. This song has been on repeat everyday for the past month and I don’t regret a single second of it. Stay tuned for an album review coming your way on Friday. For now, get your straw hat ready and stay groovy my friends.


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