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“I’m sexy and I know it.”  You’re guaranteed to hear that line sound through the speakers at any party or bar over the weekend.  For Mom’s Weekend, the DJs threw in a few oldies for the occasion at the bars.  It got me thinking, “maybe there doesn’t need to be the same music each weekend.”  Here is my dream soundtrack to a night out…

1.  “Don’t Look Back Into the Sun” — The Libertines:  The opening riff sort of has that vibe that has you thinking about all the times you’ve had in the past.  So I like the contrast of them saying not to look back.  “And they play that song at the death disco, it starts so fast but it ends so slow, and all the time it reminded me of you.” Go forth, start your night.

Listen Here:

2.  “I Bet that You Look Good On The Dancefloor” — Arctic Monkeys:

The title says it all.  This song probably has the fastest pace of the songs on this mix tape and similarly has raw guitar and a bare bones approach. Plus there’s a Shakespeare reference in the midst of talking of ‘dirty dancing.’

Listen Here:

3.  “Only to Haunt You” — The Von Bondies

This Detroit garage band rose to popularity along with a slew of other Detroit garage bands like the White Stripes.  Like Jack White, front man Jason Stollsteimer preferred a minimalistic songwriting style and it looked like the two would work together—well until the two got into a fistfight at a music club.  As for the song, I like the dramatic piano intro and the thought of someone you like who doesn’t care as much as you care is very possible on a night out.

Listen Here:

4.  “Bad Kids” — The Black Lips:

This track is an anthem to the kids who would not be considered poster children of normality to say the least.  The lyrics are funny, until you realize some of it applies to you.  Spending time with the bad kids: priceless.

Listen Here:

5.  “New York City Cops” — The Strokes

That guitar riff fits the tone of the song perfectly.  This song just reminds me of an out of control night.

Listen Here:

6.  “Walk Away” — Franz Ferdinand:

The song starts off with a tone setting electric guitar riff, but then moves to a soft and elegant moment.  “I love the sound of you walking away, mascara bleed a blackened tear.”  This is your reminder to take a second to say to yourself that no matter what, someone else can’t bring you down.

Listen Here:

7.  “There She Goes” — The La’s:

This ‘90s band only put out one official studio albums but its songs like this that still make them stand out.  Admiration has set in. The perfect vocal melody combined with the arpeggiated chords make the song a trance-like ode to the one who’s out of reach.

Listen Here:

8.  “I’ll Be Your Man” — The Black Keys:

Captures the early Black Keys sound.  There’s only one riff, but it carries the song well.  This song sounds like a traditional blues song and it’s because of that that it seems so genuine.

Listen Here:

9. “Closing Time” — Semisonic:

The universal tune for when it’s that time to hit the dusty trail.  Can some write up an amendment requiring places to play this, everyday they close? I don’t they would have a problem with it.

Listen Here:

10.  “Venus in Furs” — The Velvet Underground: 

“I am tired, I am weary.  I could sleep for a thousand years.”  At the end of a long night, this psychedelic track is a meaningful and calm way to unwind to.

Listen Here:

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