Monday Mixer

1. Supersoaker- Kings of Leon

Arguably, one of my favorite Kings of Leon songs because of its upbeat tempo. It’s usually one of the songs I have on constant repeat because of the killer guitar part at the very start. 


2. Fadeback- Fitz and The Tantrum

Fitz and The Tantrum may be one of my favorite acts to see live because of their animated and exhilarating energy. This song is just filled with all the same kind of high strung vibes you would get from their live shows. 


3. Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor-Juanes

It was almost necessary for me to include this because of how captivating it is from the very beginning. Although the title does translate to “I don’t matter without your love” the best way to describe this sing is aggressive and endearing all at the same time.   


4. Buzzcut Season- Lorde

It is a bit strange of me to include this in my personal playlist mostly because when everybody else was on the Lorde bandwagon I passed it off for being overhyped. Just recently I found myself listening to Pure Heroin again and this song has been on repeat since. The subtlety and simplicity found in her melodies are what makes her music really artistically beautiful. 


5. Lazy Eye-Silversun Pickups

Any song from the Silversun Pickups will surely be beautiful in some kind of way. This song does the band justice for it simple but unforgettable melody.


6. Barcos- Callate Mark

Last year, I recall hearing of this band for the first time at Ruido Fest and remembering how great they were for being so young. Although I enjoy a great a deal of their fast-pace rock and roll songs, this one in particular is most memorable because of the maturity in its sound. It so beautifully written and yet simple enough to be completely memorable. 


7. 1983-Neon Trees

This a bit of throwback for me to whenever people were swooning over their hit “Animals” and knew exactly how cool the Neon Trees were. Although I never listen to anything past their album Habits (2010) this song is delightful and has an extremely playful chorus.


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