Monday Mixer

Another random Monday Mixer by yours truly.


1. One Night in October – Little Comets

It’s October. Need I say more?


2. To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra

This is a throwback but I recently listened to this a few days back and can confirm that I will always love this song. There is so much emotion packed in six minutes and 12 seconds: you go from happy to sad to thoughtful to reminiscing. If you need a go to an emotional song, I cannot recommend this one enough.


3. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

I recently got over my American Horror Story binge which included watching Coven. However, I am now on a Fleetwood Mac binge so thanks Misty Day.


4. Street Level – Neon Indian

This is the current epitome of funk and synth. Alan Palomo always brings an element of excitement and weird in his songs. He’s that friend that takes you on a vibrant underground journey in Neon Indian’s new album and it’s actually worthwhile.


5. Take It Easy (Every After Lasting Love) – White Denim

This song reminds me of Alabama Shakes so much, except the singer is a guy. So while I wait patiently for a new album with Brittney Howard, this will definitely be my fix.


6. Only For You – Heartless Bastards

Another song that reminds me of Alabama Shakes (maybe this is a trend) and let me tell you, it gives them a run for their money. The vocals are so light yet pack a punch. Erika Wennerstrom, there will always be room in my Spotify for you. (But Brittney come back to my Spotify with something new, I miss you).


7. I Believe It Now – Everything Everything

With heavy drums and a belting chorus, this is perfect shower song in my mind (you’re welcome). Just don’t wake up the neighbors or stomp so hard that you slip please.


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