Monday Mixer

1. Ulysses – Josh Garrels (2011)
A beautiful musical interpretation of a scene from Homer’s Odysseus, yet is relatable to anyone returning to a loved one.


2. Am I Wrong? – Anderson .Paak (2016)
The most popular track off of Paak’s critically acclaimed second album Malibu. The song contains elements of hip hop and R&B.


3. 22 (OVER S∞∞N)- Bon Iver (2016)
The first track off of Bon Iver’s newest album. If you haven’t heard the bands dramatic change in sound, this is a safe place to start.


4. Keith Don’t Go (Ode to The Glimmer Twin)- Nils Lofgren (1975)
Nils Lofgren was a very successful as a band mate of Neil Young, and later, Bruce Springsteen. His first solo album received plenty of critical acclaim when it hit shelves in 1975.


5. In The Morning, Before Work- Owen (2004)
Emo Rocker Mike Kinsella of American Football continues to create beautiful acoustic arrangements under the moniker of Owen. This song tells the story of love lost in a heartbreaking detail.


6. A New Day Yesterday- Jethro Tull (1969)
The first song on Jethro Tull’s breakthrough album. It rocks and of course, has an epic flute solo. What else could you want,


7. Thoughts On a Rainy Afternoon- Bruce Cockburn (1970)
This song is exactly what its title says, a perfect tune for a dreary rainy afternoon, when we are forced to reflect.


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