Monday Mixer

This may age me but I think kids these days are into things under the name of “vaporwave” and “future-funk,” thus inspired me to make an attempt at being young and hip for this week’s Monday mixer.

Chamber of Reflection – Mac Demarco

After years of research and squalor, “Chamber of Reflection” was always a hit among the vaporwave crowd. Being one of Mac Demarco’s most popular hits, perhaps Mr. DeMarco made this alt-group more mainstream.

Midnight – luxury elite

No, that is not a capitalization typo, luxury elite does not capitalize their band name, something I’m finding very common in this community. Every time I would go to a “vaporwave” playlist I would find this band there, who is in fact not a conventional band, but just one man.

Windsurf – Ice Choir

I’ve always been a fan of Ice Choir (see our review of their latest 2016 album) and this song has a lot of 80s pop and pep which seemed appropriate for this kind of playlist.

Don’t Kiss Me While I’m Swimming – Phil Gerus

This song really has it all when it comes to qualities of a vaporwave song: tape recorder begging, sounds like it’s coming from another room, saxophone solo, sample from a late 80s song. The renaissance song, I’d call it.

Miss Macross – Macross 82-99

I like to think I’ve got an in on the vaporwave crowd because I’ve been following Macross 82-99 for a while now ever since I discovered his sampling of some popular Japanese 80s hits. I uncovered the genre referred to as “future-funk” through this song and I can see why it would be considered so.

Private Caller – Skylar Spence FKA Saint Pepsi

This song was released when Spence was known as Saint Pepsi, a main figure of vaporwave sound way back when in 2013. Since then he’s released a successful full-length album, Prom King, containing his most popular single “Fiona Coyne.”

Money Won’t Pay – bo en, Augustus

I’m trying to construct my own playlist with vaporwave-like qualities and I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, but this sounds appropriate so I’ll include it in here. It’s whimsical and cute and kind of vaporwave?


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