Monday Mixer

“My Lucky #3” – Mat Kerekes

This acoustic jam from new artist, Mat Kerekes, has soft grunge vocals that are guaranteed to make you fall in love. Falling in love doesn’t mean his songs are romantic; in fact, most of his lyrics are about fighting or suffering for love. This is one of his newest songs off of his debut album “Luna & the Wild Blue Everything” where you can find music very similar to Citizen.


“Dancing On My Own” – Calum Scott

Many people have heard the Robyn version of this song back in 2010, but Calum Scott brings a heart breaking redo to the original sad-song gone pop. The elegance of the piano driven song paints a picture of a heart distraught after not being recognized.


“All Night” – The Vamps

A quick change of pace brings The Vamps to a more electric song with Matoma about the excitement of never sleeping. One of the best elements to the song is the remixing that Matoma adds to the typically boy-bandish tones of the band’s music.


“7” – Catfish and the Bottleman

This British indie rock band released an album in late 2016 with the same sharp, garage-band like riffs. The lyrical elements of this song don’t differ from their past singles much either. Primarily about relationships, smoking and being difficult; much like the lyric, “I don’t think through things, I never get time, ‘cause I don’t think things through,” says.

“XO” – John Mayer

In honor of Queen Bey announcing that she’s expecting twins, John Mayer’s amazing cover of “XO” had to make the cut. With the same sweet love and added harmonica, this song is bound to be another staple in your easy listening.

“High And Low” – Empire Of The Sun

Another psychedelic pop song from Empire Of The Sun isn’t a surprise, but what might shock some fans that aren’t listing closely is that they are talking about doing LSD, by referring to it as Alice D. Aside from the hidden meaning, I really love the energy and color this song for the listener.  

“Drink Up” – Train

The weather hasn’t been ideal for porch hangouts, but this song has a way to make you feel like you’re sitting in the sun. The punching pop style infects listeners with a strong chorus that is bound to become the new summer song of soft-rock. This isn’t Train’s typical love ballad, I would venture to say this is one of their best pop songs.

“Believer” – Imagine Dragons

Similar to other hits like “Radioactive”, this song has an upbeat, electric edge with some quick hip-hop like vocals. I love this track because it sounds like a mix of Muse and Imagine Dragons best hits.

“Million Voices” – Otto Knows

I have never wanted to get up and run around more in my entire life. This electric tune is infectious for even the biggest anti-EDM listeners. There are no lyrics, but the strong staccato sounds mimic the track that lies below. If fist pumping were still a thing, this would be the song for it.

“Make Me (Cry)” – Noah Cyrus, Labrinth

Noah made her singing debut with a UK singer, which is landing her on radio stations around the world. The single is not like traditional Miley, which is what some people may expect. This song has a very distinct use of sounds and electronic production. I love how the lyric “cry” is often replaced with a water drop sound. Definitely a dynamic track worth checking out.