Monday Mixer

Monday Mixer: 03/13


My Heart Beat Like a Hammer – Fleetwood Mac (1968)
Nothing like what you are used to with the Fleetwood Mac music of the mid 70s, the late 60s Fleetwood Mac put out a few records deeply rooted in the blues.
The Giant of Illinois – Andrew Bird (2014)
A dark recording depicting the death of Robert “The Giant of Illinois” Wadlow. Wadlow was the tallest man measured who passed away from an infection caused by a blister. He was measured to be 8’ 11’’ days before his death. This tune is played and sung beautifully by the Illinois native, Andrew Bird.


Aubrey – Bread (1972)
A beautiful beckoning love song inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The singer, David Gates is paired with acoustic guitar, and orchestral strings. His voice is morose and mournful, wishing to have his love Aubrey, but unable to have her.


The Man in Me – Bob Dylan (1970)
I love this song. Granted it is most likely because of its double feature in one of my favorite movies: The Big Lebowski. However, Dylan sings with so much feeling in this song, it is easy for the listener to feel how much it means to him that the “Woman like your kind, to find the man in me.”


Winnie and Rue – Chive (2016)
A few chicagoland high schoolers started Chive this past year. Already they have released two albums. Their music even in the high quantity in such a short time, has proved to be of high quality as well.


Hiding Place – Josh Garrels (2016)
His newest single paints a painful portrait of the plight of a refugee. Reminiscent of “Prayer of the Refugee” by Rise Against, Josh’s soulful voice cries out to the refugees’ hope of deliverance from their despair.



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