Monday Mixer

The nice weather has been really sinking into my skin lately and so with that I present to you this beach/surf/sun/sandcastle-rock playlist.


“Tungs” – The Frights

I listened to You’re Are Going to Hate This and got hooked ever since. This album is a wonderfully crafted garage-punk piece put together with the most satisfying transitions you could want from a punk band. More specifically, this song’s got a nice beach-rock riff to it with a cute chorus that makes me smell summer. And speaking of, they will be at Lolla this year so check ‘em.


“Passed You By” – Chicano Batman

I like Chicano Batman because even though I’m not Batman (sad face) I too, am Chicana. With that being said, this one’s got the sweetest early soul and R&B influence topped with stomach butterfly-inducing Ritchie Valens-type guitar. It’s angelic vocals in the background correlates with its album cover art, making it a pleasant packaged deal.


“Aubrey Plaza” – Del Sur

This one came up on my Spotify Discovery Weekly playlist weeks ago and I’m still trying to figure out if they’re talking about Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec or something else. Regardless, Del Sur is pretty low on the radar but by the gist of this one song I heavily dig their surf tune.


“Red-Headed Girl” – Tijuana Panthers

I don’t surf but I wish I did. I don’t even live anywhere near an ocean but that’s okay, Tijuana Panthers make me think I do if I close my eyes tight enough. They’ve got a nice garage edge, 50s inspired tweed and rhythm, what more can a girl ask for?


“Cliffhanger” – King of the Coast

So this one may not be as surf-rock as the others, but I decided to put it on this playlist because I’ve been able to experience this song at a couple of basement shows and I wouldn’t have wanted to have been dripping in sweat and spilling coffee all over my shoes any other way. Yes, I drink coffee at basement shows. I need to be at 10000%. There’s no way you don’t move to this song, and since they’re a local band, there is no excuse to not go out and see them. Let this twangy riff convince you.


“D’yer Mak’er” – Led Zeppelin

A classic. Zeppelin wasn’t surf-rock, but this song brings back memories of the summer before my freshman year of college. The lake became a lifestyle, and an old friend would be playing this baby on his guitar as we sat on the docks at Montrose Beach in Chicago. There really is nothing else like it. Robert’s vocals on this one are a breeze of warm air.

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