Monday Mixer

Mac Demarco- One More Love Song

The newest single from Demarco’s forthcoming album, “One More Love Song” continues the Canadian’s relaxing tunes. This is my favorite of his singles so far. To me, it is similar to Mac’s past song “A Heart Like Hers”. 

Buffalo Springfield- Sad Memory

“Sad Memory” is one of their lesser known songs, but the sparse guitar arrangement along with the lonely lyrics truly paint a sad memory for the listener. 

Dan Auerbach-A King of a One Horse Town

Released last week, “A King of a One Horse Town” is the latest single from the Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach. In his new album, Dan has been working closely with Nashville legends. His work with country artists doesn’t seem apparent on this song, but if the rest of the album sounds like this, I will be sure to love it. 

Sufjan Stevens-Mercury

“Mercury” opens with a piano refrain that continues for much of the song. Lyrically Stevens sings he is a bunch of divine things, but then flips it around and says he is not any of things. The song is one from a forthcoming album titled Planetarium.

Donny Hathaway-Jealous Guy

Hathaway does a stellar of John Lennon’s 1971 song. Hathaway sings “Jealous Guy” with soul that Lennon’s recording just doesn’t have.

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