Monday Mixer

Science says that smell is the most sentimental sense. I am in the strong opinion that sound comes in at number two. Listening to music can transport us back in our own lives to our younger days, or even earlier in history. It has always been my opinion that the only thing better than discovering a great new song is rediscovering a great old song! Here’s my mixer of songs that make me sentimental and reminiscent of other times, people and other music.


Tamacun – The only word to describe this song in my mind is “badass”. Maybe it’s the intense guitar slamming, maybe it’s the great riffs, maybe it’s because it will always remind me of the first episode of breaking bad.

08 Runaway

Runaway – The National opened with this song in one of their concerts with Arcade Fire last year. The song is incredibly circular, yet anthemic, rising like a spiral staircase.

09 Romulus

Romulus – This song is so perfectly melancholy that it fits any mood you’re in. I can’t say I quite understand what the song is about , but I do inevitably end up having deep thoughts about life, love and the past.

02 Cruel

Cruel – This song is as I would call it “a jam.” It starts out with a sound almost reminiscent of a silent movie soundtrack. The Annie Clark starts a full out assault on your ears, laying down sick riffs and an amazing vocal track.

07 This Modern Love

This Modern Love – I first heard this song on a Take-Away show  produced by the French blog, La Blogoteque. The lead singer of the band was ambushed outside a French bar and performed this song acoustic with his guitar player. It was beautiful. The song was stripped down to its rawest form and the lyrics were able to resonate perfectly. Watch the video here.

03 Let It Die

Let it Die – I have been really into female singers lately, and it’s entirely probable that Feist is the reason. Her beautiful voice and great tunes are just incredible. All this track would need is a little static and it would hold its own in a catalogue full of Billie Holiday songs.

06 No More Kings

No More Kings – Some of my best memories consist of waking up early on Saturday mornings and watching “Recess” and “School House Rock” on Saturday morning cartoons.  Never has an alternative band used such a rebellious sound to use such a rebellious people as Pavement in their rendition of this School House Rock classic. Pavement along with bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Wilco, have a way of making imperfection sound so perfect. Watch the video here.

Girl Inform Me

Girl Inform Me – The Shins hace a wonderful knack for making phenomenal pop-rock songs. Their sound is great for almost the same reason that Beatle’s music is great. It’s a simple sound that still manages to feel deep. I have never quite been able to make sense of The Shins’ lyrics though.

I Am Always the One Who Calls

I Am Always the One Who Calls – I admire Pedro the Lion (a.k.a. David Bazan) for his ability to put a contemporary twist on the folk genre without having  a pop-folk sound like Jack Johnson’s sound. His wonderful lyrics also have a wonderful way of reminding us all of different relationships that we’ve had.

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