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Written by Max de Moor

What on earth is a “blokpepper”, you may ask yourself. Well, as a Belgian exchange student, I feel obliged to teach you a little Flemish. “Blokpepper” is a contraction of the words “blokken” and “pepper”. “Blokken”, a Flemish verb, refers to the act of drumming insane amounts of knowledge into your head for finals (only to be instantly deleted after your exam). “Pepper”, of course, refers to something that fires you up. “Blokpeppers”, then, are songs to get you through this caffeine-filled and highly stressful period of finishing papers and finals. Got it? Here we go then. An eclectic mix of ten songs to accompany your unstable study mood!
Important disclaimer: To be played in between studying, not while studying.

1 – The Strokes – You Only Live Once

As far as I know, the Strokes and thousands of frat boys after them are right. You only live once, so you better make it worth it. Nevertheless, not everyone can succeed as a rock star, so keep in mind that a college degree is worth studying for.

2 – Ima Read (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx) – Zebra Katz

You know your stuff through and through and want to impress your professor during that oral exam? Take your ghettoblaster with you and play this song while entering the classroom. Your professor will be both intimidated and impressed with your confidence (A+, congrats!). However, avoid this tactic at all costs when your knowledge of the subject matter is flawed. At best, the professor will consider you grotesque and arrogant or, in the worst case, file a complaint for misogyny and disorderly conduct (F- or expelled).

3 – Crystal Castles – Alice Practice

Close your curtains and put the lights out. Play this song very, very loudly and be a complete freak. Start jumping on your bed and pretend to be a modern dancer. It’s good to let it all out sometimes. Just make sure no one sees you doing this.

4 – Solange – Losing You

Good pop songs are the musical equivalent of a carefree, sunny day and boy, this song blinds my eyes. For four minutes and 23 seconds all your worries will fade away. What more do you need during this period?

5 – Melo-X – BK Allnighter

Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines. An allnighter in the library might be inevitable, so why not make it a fun one while you’re at it? Brooklyn-based rapper Melo-X to the rescue! Everyone together now: “aaaaaaall night.”

6 – HEALTH – We Are Water

“dear diary, this song totally matches my feelings right now. Also, the videoclip is one of the moving and beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time”. If you find yourself writing or even thinking this, get help! McKinley offers free counseling and apparently, the UGL provides dogs to walk with in order to reduce your stress levels. Seriously, take care!

7 – Yo La Tengo – Gentle Hour

Everything will be all right. If the world were really as shitty as it seems right now, how would you explain the beauty of this song?

8 – Yelle – Safari Disco Club

The Romans knew it all along: “Mens sana in corpore sano” or for non-latin natives “a sound mind in a healthy body”. Unfortunately, sometimes you just can’t find the time to hit the gym. However, nothing should stop you from putting on your dancing shoes for three and half minutes to do a little dance workout.

9 – Nicki Minaj – Fly (ft. Rihanna)

Admittedly, this song is over the top and cheesy, but what did you expect? It’s Nicki and Rihanna, after all. However, I couldn’t care less, since it does the job every time: making me feel victorious right before an exam. You will ace this!

10 – Tycho – A Walk.

Relax. Doze off. Dream.

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