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Written by Neda Svrakic

We all know that finals week is the most dreaded seven days of every college semester – but why not add a little kick to your step while flipping through your ECON textbook and sipping on that Yerba Mate Chai? These 10 kickass tracks aren’t a guarantee that you’re going to ace your exams, but you might as well feel good while prepping for them.

1 – “Forest Whitaker” – Bad Books

In my opinion, there really isn’t anything better than a solid folk/indie song to get you through a rough patch in the day. Whether you listen to it once or on repeat (like yours truly), it’s bound to be just the right pick-me-up you were looking for. And Bad Books does just that.

2 – “Two Step” – Bear Mountain

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Bear Mountain is able to string synths, bass, vocals, and etchy turntable sounds and make a new style all on its own. There’s no doubt that this track will cause you let go and keep truckin’ on.

3 – “Lawn Knives” – Born Gold

One of my all-time favorite songs, and for obvious reasons. Playing this either in your car or during a late-night study sesh does something to you that not many other indietronica songs can.

4 – “The High Road” – Broken Bells

A classic song that allows you to appreciate that versatility of a good tambourine and the captivating vocals that James Mercer delivers. Guaranteed to keep your pencil tapping against the desk while you attempt to cram your life away.

5 – “Teenage Tide” – Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Even though it’s slightly down-beat, Letting Up Despite Great Faults never seems to disappoint when it comes to incorporating solid lyrics with a perfect beat.

6 – “Obedear” – Purity Ring

It seems to me that regardless of what the theme of a playlist or countdown is, Purity Ring always finds its way somewhere in the mix. This song is one of their faster tracks that becomes addictive after just the first 15 seconds. There’s really nothing like them – and that’s exactly what you’re looking for when cracking down on what appears to be an endless week of torture.

7 – “Dirty Dreams” – Work Drugs

Try to not nod your head to this track. A homerun and a half in my book.

8 – “Hurricane” – MS MR

This song as continued to be on my Top 3 songs played in iTunes for two simple reasons: it’s a great song (clearly) and I always seem to be piling more work onto my plate. MS MR makes it easier to keep myself sane.

9 – “Somewhere To Hide” – Shiny Toy Guns

They just released one of the best albums of the year and there’s no surprise there. When I sense myself falling into one of those typical college student slumps, Shiny Toy Guns is the one I turn to.

10 – “Amor Fati” – Washed Out

The reason this song made it to this ‘Finals Week Survival Playlist’ is clear. Amor Fati is one of those tracks that makes you feel like there’s excess dopamine actually being released in your brain mid-song. Chances of that happening? Pretty damn low. But we might as well keep listening…You know…for science.

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