Monday Mixer


1 – 1,2,3 – Just Like Heaven (Is Gone)

1,2,3’s 2011 album New Heaven had a whole lot of creative indie goodness on it. These guys experimented with a lot of cool sounds and the results seem to never leave (me) a listener wanting. Enjoy the quavery vocal range and heavy sound of this gem.

2 – Silver Jews – Slow Education

The Silver Jews were founded in ‘89 by David Berman with two members of indie rock band Pavement (also formed in ‘89). With a cool combination of lo-fi instrumentals and smooth, bassy vocals these guys put out some real cool tunes.

3 – Damien Jurado – Ohio

If you’re going to Pygmalion this year, make sure this guy is on your list of shows to check out. He’s a beautiful songwriter and an impressive guitarist/singer. One of my biggest live music regrets is not seeing the free show he put on in the lobby of Krannert Center. Its folk for the modern soul, enjoy.

4 – Smog – Let’s Move To The Country

Bill Callahan, the artist sometimes known as Smog, is a wicked good talent. He showed up at the forefront of the lo-fi movement in the early ‘90s and stuck around, releasing albums as recently as 2013. His often folk and always mellifluous (vocab word) music has a bad habit of givin’ me the feels.

5 – Japanther – Stabby

I really like this band. If you’ve already heard of them, good for you. If not, check more of their s#!t out. Eating through genre titles like noise rock, art rock, DIY, and punk, these guys are gritty kickers of mad flavor into the ears of young anti-establishment-type youths everywhere. Eat it up.

6 – Twigs – Ache

I am not nearly an ironic enough person (dirty hipster) to listen to nothing but alternative or indie rock style music. So I give you Twigs. She’s been making big moves recently and I can promise you’ll be seeing her name on posts on your facebook news feeds, if you haven’t already. This song is real nice, its sexy, slow but urgent, and bumps a real cool bass line.

7 – Royal Trux – Yellow Kid

Royal Trux was, in my opinion, probably one of the best thing to happen to Alternative rock in the 90’s. This gritty duo pressed some real cool noise that, while at times hard to listen to, was noisy as hell and never failed to expose your head to new types of crazy.

8 – Change Your Face Or Change Your Name – Colour Revolt

If you can’t yet tell, I’m pretty geeked out on noise. I like a little grit to my music, you know, the kind of stuff that makes my speakers earn the right to get turned down. Well, Colour Revolt brings the ear-sand. These guys are a phat sounding rock band with heavy alternative and noise rock roots.

9 – Suuns – Armed For Peace

I dig Suuns. I dig Suuns a lot. “Zeroes QC” is one of my all time favorite albums, its uncompromising in its design, morphing southern rock with electronic craziness: these guys dare to be different. This track off of the aforementioned album is a little heavy but it very finely showcases just how gnarly and cool the band can get.

10 – Jack Johnson – Fortunate Fool

Jack Johnson. Chill.

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